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Cambridge Mask Pro and Valve Cover

Cambridge Mask Pro and Valve Cover

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The Pro mask will deliver 360 hours of active use filtration.  That is 9 weeks of 40 hour work week use.  Each mask comes with a valve cover that will stop air from flowing out of the mask making it safe for your clients and you.

Last Artists risk long term respiratory problems because of the daily exposure to Cyanoacrylate Adhesive fumes. Regular masks can protect from bacteria and viruses but they do not protect you from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) ie; adhesive fumes.  Although the fumes can’t be seen, they are known to cause respiratory problems, throat irritation and long term side effects when inhaling.

Click here to read more about the Cambridge Mask filter technology.

Each Cambridge Mask Pro is infused with pure activated carbon which was originally invented by the UK Ministry of Defense. They hold the exclusive global rights for this material for use in a consumer pollution mask. You won’t find it in any other mask outside of the military.



Proper Fit

It is imperative that the mask fits securely for it to filter properly.  Please see the instructions for mask measurements below.

The nose clip is adjustable on the nose bridge and will block exhale breath from escaping upwards that could cause fogging on your glasses.  The PRO mask also comes with additional nose foam.

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